Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Whelan Bat Colony

This weekend I went home to visit Mom and Dad. Well, I was there from 9pm Friday evening until 10pm Saturday and these days, that constitutes a weekend. Mom and I were supposed to finish up a top secret project but I forgot to pack a key component of said project (namely, a sewing machine part) so the process was severely impeded. BUT it didn't matter that much because I had some bats fluttering around in the back of my brain that were dying to be let loose. T'is the season after all!

As you know, I'm an avid blog reader and my "inspiration" list to the left down there is in dire need of updating. There is loads of inspiration out there and I have no less than 10 blogs I check daily. Anyway, I came across two bat project ideas that I just couldn't pass up.

The first idea comes from Domesticali. She designed these little felt bats she christened "Flappy Happies" and generously offered a tutorial on how to make them. They double as finger puppets or wine bottle tops! Mom and I had a mini assembly line going and made six. They're adorable! I want to make a hundred and give one to everyone I know because a) who doesn't need a bat? and b) they're awesome. I gave one to a friend at work to which I received a very enthusiastic response. That helps! I'm sorta kinda in love with these guys.

Mom's bat is to the left, mine is on the right.

The whole gang on display.

The second project comes all the way from Taiwan. Julie K in Taiwan designed some paper Halloween ornaments and they were so funky I definitely had to give it a shot. So while Mom cooked up a delicious turkey dinner, Dad and I sat down at the kitchen table and started cutting. Yes, you read that correctly. DAD and I made paper bats. And you know what? I think he kind of liked it. And he ended up doing something quite creative with his ears! The bat ears I mean, not his. If nothing else, I'm positive that Mom got a kick out of seeing me and Dad sitting at the table with rulers and glue sticks flying... :)

My paper bat.

Dad's paper bat. Note the cute pointy ears.

Father-daughter bat team.

oooOOOooo... spoooOOooooky!

I had a few strips of paper left over so once dinner was cleaned up (don't let that mislead you into thinking I cleaned anything up, my parents are awesome when I come to visit!) and I was waiting to make room for dessert (best. chocolate. cake. EVER.). I decided to hastily glue together a spider. It's not... um... a work of art or anything. But it does sorta look like a spider, doesn't it?

All in all, I had a great trip home and was glad to get some crafting in with my parents. The family that crafts together... ends up with a lot of bats I guess!


juliekintaiwan said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad your dad participated. Great bottle tops too.

Ali said...

Thank you so much for letting me know you tried the tutorial - your bats look wonderful! I'm off to check your link to those great paper sculptures now.

Anonymous said...

You're just batty :-)